Kids Kampus

Kids Kampus Learning Center delivers fundamental education and quality care to young children. The educational standards continue to rise and without a strong fundamental education children are not prepared and are suffering, or are held back as they enter Kindergarten. They must learn the fundamentals of phonics, letters, numbers, counting, etc. while increasing their reading strength. Our goal is to ensure that the children are reading, or at the very least, master pre-reading skills that are essential for success in their elementary education. This education does not start in preschool but in infancy. With infants all the way through the pre-reading ages, it is vital that they have story time and learn that books are fun. They also need to have activities that foster their cognitive, fine motor, large motor, language and social skills. Kids Kampus not only provides those activities but has proven test scores upon pre-kindergarten testing.

Building a foundation for success!

~ Brandi Moore Owner Kids Kampus Learning Center, Boise 100 Member